The Role of Certified Nursing Assistants in Providing Quality Care for Seniors

Do your elderly relatives live with you? If they do, then you are likely well aware of how demanding their care can be.

Most elders over the age of 70 prefer living at home despite health concerns. Looking after a weak elderly person is a noble task, but it can also be exhausting. This is where certified nursing assistants (CNAs) come into play. CNAs often replace primary caregivers when it comes to taking care of senior citizens. These assistants are required to be medically trained so they can give your loved one the care they deserve.

Learn about all the important duties a certified nursing assistant for seniors has below.

Assistance with Basic Daily Tasks

The older a person gets, the more incapable they become of conducting basic tasks. Elderly patients often struggle with mobility issues that render them unable to walk and eat easily. Certified nursing assistants for seniors step in and help them complete such tasks on a daily basis. They also offer meal planning and light homemaking services to keep their living space clean. Often, CNAs also help patients bathe and dress themselves.

Physical and Psychological Support

CNAs play a big role in providing compassionate care services. These homemaker companion services are intended to address an elderly patient’s mental well-being as well as their physical well-being. This is among a CNA’s most important duties because many older adults suffer from mental issues like dementia and depression. CNAs are sometimes specifically trained to provide dementia care for this reason. As an elderly caregiver, a CNA can promote positive mental changes in their patients. Many primary caregivers look for respite care services from CNAs to offer psychological support to their senior relatives, too.

Medical Management

Most states require all nursing staff offering senior home health care services to be certified. This is mainly because CNAs are taught how to properly conduct medical tasks during their certification training. Their training comes in handy when looking after elderly patients at home. CNAs sometimes conduct medical tasks like taking vitals, setting up medical equipment, and monitoring patient reports.

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